Ideal Gas Blender

Gas blending for scuba diving (or gas mixing) is the filling of diving cylinders with non-air breathing gases such as nitrox, trimix and heliox. Filling cylinders with a mixture of gases has it dangers; There is a risk of fire due to use of oxygen and a risk of explosion due to the use of high-pressure gases.This tool is intended only for trained and certified scuba diving gas blending professionals.

Usage of this tool is very simple;

  1. Set the starting mix (o2 and he %), cylinder size (in case you need the amounts of used gasses) and starting pressure to the left cylinder.
  2. Set the desired/wanted mix (o2 and he %) and pressure to the right cylinder.
  3. Follow the provided mixing instructions.

This tool supports continuous flow blending and partial pressure blending with oxygen, helium and air plus additional nitrox and trimix banks. You can experiment with the different blending methods and alter the bank mixes by clicking or dragging the icons. Mixing strategy maximizes the use of the additional banks (if they’re enabled) and tries to use common sense; The calculations allow the desired mix to be +/- 0.45% off if that simplifies the gas blending. The calculations are based on ideal gas, so they do NOT include the Van der Waals equation – maybe it will be added in the future.

In the other options you can:

If you spot any bugs/issues, please contact me via email admin@sulat.net and if you find this tool usable, please consider sending a small donation. I promise to spend it on helium. ;-)


Happy blending and diving everyone!